You already know what healthy eating looks like; why does losing weight feel so hard?

You have probably had enough of complicated, unsustainable diets that do not work long-term. What you want to understand is: why you cannot eat healthy food consistently; what to do when you desperately want the cake and you have run out of will power; what to do when you are tired, bored, anxious or stressed that does not involve stuffing yourself with food; and how to enjoy a dinner without overeating when everyone else around you is eating. That is exactly what I can help you with. MY GOAL FOR YOU IS TO MAKE WEIGHT AND EATING A NON-ISSUE so that you can move on to do the things you are meant to do with your life.

Weight Loss That Lasts

Most people know what healthy eating looks like and there are many different ways to eat healthily. I have developed and innovative framework (1-2-3 Framework) that focuses on addressing the causes of excess weight, why you are eating more than your body needs and why you feel you cannot control what and how much you eat. Finally, you will learn to make your new habits stick so that everything becomes easy and lasts last long term. This framework is valid for any behaviour and you will be able to apply it to ther aspects of your life that you would like to change.

1 Symptom

Weight gain is just the symptom. Diets only fix a symptom.

2 Causes

There are two causes of weight gain, the excess of food and the the excess of 'wanting' food (the behaviours around food).

3 Pillars

Body, Mind and Habits: remove excess food, excess desire for food and make new habits last so that this is the last time you try.

You will not be able to unlearn this process. Your new weight and habits will last.


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What my clients say

My goal is for weight and eating to become something you no longer worry or waste time with it so that you can move on to what truly matters in your life.

How to Work With Me


My signature weight loss 12 week programme where you will lose weight, address the root causes of excess eating, manage cravings without using will power and learn the skills that will make your new habits last.