I am a doctor-scientist-health coach who helps women struggling with menopausal weight lose weight for the last time and regain control around food.

Despite having all the health knowledge I found myself struggling with weight when I reached menopause. I did not need more nutritional or dietary advice. I needed to understand why I was overeating and how to apply consistently what I already knew about healthy eating.

Food is just one piece of the puzzle. The brain and cognitive processes, how we think and how we utilise food, are equally if not more important. I addressed the causes of my overeating and learnt how to change and maintain my new eating behaviours with cognitive coaching.

I now teach my clients how to do exactly the same.

Bruna Galobardes, MD, PhD

Medical Doctor, MD – University of Barcelona, Spain


  • PhD – University of Bristol, UK
  • Master in Public Health, MPH – Johns Hopkins Public Health School, US
  • Master in Science, MSc – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Certified Life Coach – Life Coach School, US