Why coaching helps with weight loss: it is not magic

Because you do not need more food advice

If you have a weight loss goal, you may not think that coaching is the help you need.

We tell ourselves we do not know how to lose weight.

We tell ourselves that we need more advice, more information.

If only I had that new piece of information, the latest superfood, the right microbiome, or that eating pattern that solves it all, I would lose all the weight. The truth is you know that is not true.

We all do that though. There is a benefit. While you believe that you need more information, that something is missing, you do not actually have to tackle losing the weight.

Do you really do not know what foods will help you lose weight and which ones will not help you lose weight?

Do you really do not know that if you eat more than you need weight will pile up?

It is not entirely your fault though.

There are lots of external interests (commercial for example) that will insist in complicated, difficult diets that are doomed to fail.

There are also internal interests. Your brain gets and therefore seeks a reward from food.

Losing weight is about the brain.

The stories we are told about diets and the stories we are conditioned to believe make that losing weight is rarely about food knowledge.

The weight is just the symptom.

Why coaching helps with weight loss?

The coaching I do works because it looks for the cause(s) of the symptom.

If you have excess weight, it simply means that you eat more than what your body needs.

Why you eat more than your body needs is not about food.

It is about the behaviour of eating.

It is about understanding the different cognitive mechanisms that guide this behaviour.

In practice it means understanding the stories you tell yourself about food, about eating and what you belief you can or cannot change.

That is why at the end of the coaching you have learnt so much about yourself, about how you think and why. After losing weight my clients go on to change other areas of your life. The best tis that the skills are the same.

If you do not need more food information (although I give a few simple rules to follow, if you want to follow them) and want to learn more of how my coaching works with weight loss, get in touch or DM.

PS: If you read my last post about processing disappointment, I have been processing negative emotions that came with the disappointment. Not fun. However, they lasted much less than I thought. When you do this process intentionally it is easier and quicker than you expect. When we resist the emotions is when they compound. Everythign becomes that much harder. I am at the point to start brainstorming why this was the best that could ever happen to me. Interesting ideas are coming up. If you want to learn more about how this works get in touch. We can schedule a free consultation to discuss how I can help you.