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Stop overeating coaching programme

Most women think mid life and menopause mean weight gain.

Most women will diet once in their life time. Most many more times.

All diets work initially but knowing how unlikely you are to succeed, is frustrating and exhausting. You could end up thinking there’s something wrong with you.

I used to have these beliefs also. I have learnt losing weight is not impossible.

With the tools I will teach you, you will:

  • Lose weight working with not against the biology of your body
  • Identify and remove the cognitive blocks that have prevented you from succeeding until now

RESULT: your weight goal and the confidence you can maintain it

  • Understand how the skills you will learn in the programme apply to other areas of your life

RESULT: you come for the weight but the ‘side effects’ of the programme are what you will value even more. Confident, calm and determined is how my clients describe themselves as they pursue new goals with the new gained skills and understanding of how the brain works.

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