Why does following a healthy lifestyle seem so difficult?

Do you, year after year, intend to ‘lose weight, exercise more and drink less’ ?

Do you wonder why we do not do the things we say we want to do? Why, on the ohter hand, do what we tell ourselves we do not want to do (the extra dessert, the fourth glass of wine, work all the time, watch Netflix every night, you name it)?

Are you hoping to learn that new piece of information that will solve all the weight problems? Are you expecting to learn that one magic solution that will make losing those 5Kg easy and forever?

Do you hope that one day you will have the will power to say no to chocolate or to second servings?

Of all lifestyle behaviours, weight is the one that keeps more people busy and preoccupied. For me, this started at midlife when maintaining my weight became that much harder.

THE PROBLEM: Medicine and health research can tell us what unhealthy eating looks like, the foods and life style that increase disease risk. However, that is just the beginning. What comes next, doing the life style changes and above all making the new habits permanent, is what really matters. And, this part, we are just supposed to know how to do it. And, on our own.

We can do lifestyle changes, most people do. Unfortunately, not for long time. When we cannot maintain the lifestyle we know is good for us, we think that we are weak, that something is wrong with us or we blame our metabolism.

That was me when I reached midlife.

Until I found the coaching tools I now use in my coaching practice.

The answer is simple.

THE SOLUTION: Combining life coaching tools with medically sound principles and evidence-based research of what works, I was finally able to implement the lifestyle changes I had wanted for so long. I made my biology work for me. I understood the cognitive process underpinning behaviours and how to change them.

GOING THROUGH HORMONAL TRANSITIONS. Hormones are very powerful and the menopausal transition affects every woman (do not hesitate to ask for help from your GP). My signature programme addresses the weight problems many women encounter during this period of their lives. It does not matter if it is the first time or if just gets worse around this period.

I am now healthier and more active than I was 20 years ago.

I will not teach you a new diet. You already know what healthy eating looks like. If you have had weight problems for a while you also know many ‘diets’. Diets are only a temporary solution.

You will be surprised how little I talk about food in my coaching programme. I do, at the beginning. I will give you 4 (or 5) simple food-related guides. That is all most people need.

And then we do the real work. We work on the causes of your overeating.

There is no magic scientific discovery that will make losing weight easy (are you waiting for the latest superfood to solve it all?), stop drinking easy, exercise consistently easy. If that were the case, we would all be super healthy.

I help women make permanent lifestyle changes. In my coaching programme you will learn how the cognitive brain works (why you do what you do not want to do, and do not do what you want to do). The best part, once you know it, you cannot unlearn it.

You can learn to eat what your body needs, no more.

It is the same for all behaviours. You learn it with one, you understand them all.

If you are a woman over 45, I can help you gain control on overeating and help you achieve and maintain the weight you want permanently.