When is the ‘best’ time to start?

The best time to start is now

What if the best time to start losing weight is now?

When did you decide you wanted to lose weight? Was it a new years resolution? Probably not the first time you set this new year goal. Was it just before going on holiday?

Chances are, if you are reading this, it hasn’t happened for you. You are not alone.

In the UK and elsewhere many people have put on weight during the lockdowns. I was one of them. It had started early on and only got worse.

I’ve now lost 10 kg (approx. 22 pounds). It’s been more than a year and a half ago. I am finally able to keep to my desired weight, and what’s even better is that I know I can do this easily and permanently.

In this post series, I’ll show you how you can also do it. All of it, including the ‘being easy’ part. I’ll explain why it hasn’t worked before and how to make this the last time you do it.

The first question is, when is best time to start?

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Do you want lose weight? Stop overeating

Weight is just the symptom, long term weight loss needs to address the cause and help to stop overeating

You want to lose weight.

You’ve tried many ‘diets’. 

You have plenty of knowledge of what healthy eating looks like. 

You like to be guided by research and follow good practice. Although you have tried some, you don’t get along with those strange ‘only eat crackers and apples for a week’ diets. You’ve tried them because, well, what else is there to try?

Despite all this, it just doesn’t work. You achieve some weight loss but can’t keep it off. You are tired of yo-yo dieting and weight cycling.

Unfortunately, knowledge is not enough, otherwise, we would all be the weight we desire and wouldn’t struggle with food and eating habits.

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