Why coaching helps with weight loss: it is not magic

Because you do not need more food advice

The causal coaching I do addresses the cause of the excess weight – Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

If you have a weight loss goal, you may not think that coaching is the help you need.

We tell ourselves we do not know how to lose weight.

We tell ourselves that we need more advice, more information.

If only I had that new piece of information, the latest superfood, the right microbiome, or that eating pattern that solves it all, I would lose all the weight. The truth is you know that is not true.

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Brain’s negative bias (II): best hack ever

Plan for the opposite of you want to achieve and then reverse it

What is missing? Make the brain’s negative bias work for you not against you – Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

We already know about the brain’s negative bias and how it pops up pretty much everywhere.

Last post was about how to compensate for it to avoid focussing exclusively on what is missing.

These were: start with positives first, and use curiosity instead of judgment.

I hope you have been practising them.

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How to stop wanting sugar

From saying no to sugar to not wanting it, and what has 100 to do with it

It is not about saying no to sugar, which you need to do. It is about knowing you will want it but will say no – Photo by Wouter Supardi Salari on Unsplash

When will I stop wanting sugar? Or is it savoury for you?


If you like or have liked sugar, wanting to eat it is unlikely to magically vanish.

Sugar creates a biological reaction in your brain. Your brain will want more and is incredibly creative getting you to give it to it.

“You deserve it”

“You’ve been so good”

“One piece will not matter”

“Nobody will know” (like the only person that matters in all of this, you, will not notice 😊).

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Overeating and weight loss: ‘focus’ for faster results

For now, focus on this one goal and only this one

Focus: change one behaviour at a time

Have you started?

Fantastic! Now it is time to focus.

How many other goals do you have?

You might want to be healthier. It might not just be the weight. You may want to drink less, start exercising or exercise more consistently. Stop working long hours and have energy for other things in your life. Read more. See friends more often. Have better relationships.

The list is probably long and that’s great.

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