Overeating and weight loss: ‘focus’ for faster results

For now, focus on this one goal and only this one

Have you started?

Fantastic! Now it is time to focus.

How many other goals do you have?

You might want to be healthier. It might not just be the weight. You may want to drink less, start exercising or exercise more consistently. Stop working long hours and have energy for other things in your life. Read more. See friends more often. Have better relationships.

The list is probably long and that’s great.

You can do it. All.

One at a time.

I recommend that you focus on one goal at a time.

You can achieve as many changes as you wish but you are more likely to succeed if you focus on one change at a time.

Five reasons to focus in one behavioural change at a time

  1. You’ll get control over the food you eat faster if you focus on changing overeating only. If you are also trying to exercise more you are demanding a lot of yourself. Your brain may rebel against or resist the changes. Focus on one, and when you feel ready, move onto the next. Overall you will be quicker and more successful.
  2. Focusing on one single goal creates momentum; too many goals creates distraction and overwhelm, very counterproductive.
  3. You only need to learn the skills to change behaviours once. Once you have the skills you will be capable of changing most behaviours. What I will teach you for overeating works for drinking, exercising, for all of it. It’s fantastic.
  4. What stops you from changing one behaviour often stops you changing other behaviours. Solving one will help solve the others.
  5. Successfully changing one behaviour will increase your confidence and trust in yourself. If you can change something you thought was impossible, you will be ready and excited for the next one.

This was a short post, a focused one.

What do you need to do next?

Continue writing your food journal. Just note every time you eat something. Don’t judge yourself. Just write it down.

Write your goal: how much weight do you want to lose by the end of the month? You choose.