Overeating is the cause, excess weight is the symptom

Understanding food, eating and overeating

Today’s post is about understanding the purpose of food, eating as a behaviour and the main reasons for why we overeat. 

You will discover the specific causes that drive you to overeat and why you feel that you can’t control your eating. Solving these will be the cornerstone to establish a new, positive habit around food.

I have a slightly different format for this post. 

It’s an important topic that ended up being too long for a blog post. I’ve decided to make it in a separate document that you can access by clicking the button below. 

This will be simple and basic information.

Simple rules and being completely committed

Following the four principles, I aim for the simplest process and understanding to achieve the results you want. No reason to overcomplicate it. We sometimes have the pretence that if it sounds complicated it is more scientific. It’s not. If it’s complicated it’s unlikely to be sustainable or you will just be dependent on someone else’s guidance. I am warning the scientists and doctors among you. The latest ‘diet’ or ‘superfood’ are not the answers to losing weight. 

Are you completely committed to stopping overeating to lose weight? We are getting ready to start doing things differently. Don’t underestimate the work it requires. The effort is not ‘the diet’. There are lots of different food habits that will lead you to your weight goal. That is the least important part, the one we make as simple as possible.  I will give you some guidance based on what science tells us works nutritionally, but it will be down to your choice, experimenting and willingness to challenge yourself.  

Understanding your thinking behind your choices, willingness to experiment and to feel uncomfortable is what will put you on the right track to your goal. That is the work. It is not easy initially until it becomes easy. And then you will wonder why it was ever so difficult.