Stop snacking to stop overeating: the one thing everyone can do

A simple rule which does not mean it is easy one

To stop snacking, plan it ahead and consistently

From last post you know that overeating is the problem. Stop snacking to stop overeating, a simple and effective way I recommend to get started. 

The day before, make a plan. Make this plan when you are not hungry or thinking about food. Tomorrow I will not eat snacks. Commit your goal to paper. Write it down, not just it in your head.

Snacks are any food eaten between the main meals.

Snacks are more often than not a source of food that our body does not need.

No snacks today

Plan for meals that will sustain your body.

If you do that, there will be no need to eat snacks between meals. Your body can and works better with breaks. During these breaks, insulin levels go down. Insulin is the storage hormone. Low levels mean low storage. We need this to ensure our body is not constantly in storage mode.

If you are a snack eater, not eating snacks is likely to bring up issues for you, lots of cravings and thoughts. That is okay. Actually, it is good. You need to uncover and be aware of all this internal talk. It is getting in the way of you losing weight.

All snacks are emotional eating.

If you consistently stop snacking, you will soon notice the effects.

It is one of the simplest things you can do to stop overeating. Simplest which does not mean easiest.

Plan for it and stick to it. Review your why(s). Find new ones.

In the next post I will talk about how to deal with the urge to eat a snack when you have told yourself you would not do it. This will be super helpful in more ways than you can imagine.